Wendy Van Norden

After seven years in her role as a STEM-focused, private-school educator, Wendy decided she was ready for a new challenge. She decided to pursue a corporate instructional design role, with her sights set on the tech industry.

Wendy hit the ground running when she joined the bootcamp and was able to transition into a hybrid instructional design role in only three months.

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Her inspiring portfolio played a big role in making that happen, and the site does a great job showing off all of the eLearning development and instructional design skills she picked up along the way.

From the moment you land on her home page, you'll notice that Wendy uses a bright, illuminating theme to develop her personal brand. From the cohesive use of color, visuals, and copy, she does a great job positioning herself in an inviting and energetic way.

While Wendy was still developing her flagship project, she decided to feature it on her portfolio site so that it could show off her skills as she built them; this helped her find success in the market much more quickly.

Wendy also created a supporting project to show her passion for one of her top-choice companies. She built a gamified eLearning experience that incorporated xAPI and JavaScript, highlighting Wendy's openness to technical concepts.

Beyond all of her projects, Wendy wrote multiple articles, which help to position her as a professional seeking to add value for practitioners and decision-makers in the field.

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A picture of Wendy Van Norden
Wendy Van Norden
Learning Experience Designer at TEKsystems

In August 2022, I decided the upcoming school year would be my last one working in a K-12 role. I wanted a career that would provide me with increased earning potential long-term and give me opportunities to advance. I was feeling excited about a career transition but a little lost. Where would my skillset fit in the corporate world? What compensation could I expect?

After joining the bootcamp, I gained a lot of confidence by completing the well-designed courses, collaborating with Devlin and the bootcamp pros, and working virtually with a team of other bootcampers (who I now consider friends). I took advantage of Devlin’s weekly online workshops from day one, even though I didn’t have anything to share at first. Each workshop, I took away a few nuggets of helpful information that helped me build creative eLearning projects and a successful portfolio website.

The individualized feedback that I got from Devlin and the pros was extremely helpful and sped up my upskilling process significantly. I had considered teaching myself a lot of these skills, but it no doubt would have taken me months longer as I was working full time.

Although at first hesitant to invest in the bootcamp, I felt that it would end up paying for itself for several reasons; first and foremost, I landed a great corporate role within three months of starting the bootcamp. The bootcamp experience helped me shift my perspective and realize how valuable my skillset is. As a result, I was able to market myself much more effectively.

After reframing my LinkedIn experience and adding data, I began hearing from recruiters, which I credit to bootcamp. I also got a lot of positive feedback from hiring managers about my portfolio, which helped me get interviews. As I interviewed for roles, I had the bootcamp pros and bootcampers cheering me on, which was an awesome feeling. One bootcamp pro was very open about their corporate compensation, and I successfully asked for 10% more than I had planned because of this. I plan to revisit the courses and workshops again over time as I grow and explore this new career path!

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