Terry Parker

Terry taught art for 8 years, but the prospect of continuing to do so for decades became overwhelming. He decided to apply his creativity and passion to a different career, and instructional design seemed like the perfect fit.

That's why Terry built a engaging eLearning projects and a portfolio site. Soon after, he landed his first client and successfully started his career as a freelance ID.

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Terry's site is straightforward and direct, but he makes sure to build a connection with us by telling us more about who he is and where he's coming from.

Terry Parker Website

One of the best parts about Terry's portfolio is a flagship project that you're not going to forget.

The project immerses you in the wilderness and you have to try your best to survive a bear encounter. Don't make any wrong choices here!

Terry Parker Flagship Project

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Terry Parker
Freelance Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

I joined the ID Bootcamp during my 8th year as a visual arts teacher.  I had earned a Master’s degree in Instructional Design five years earlier as a means to improve my teaching practice. However, I hadn’t thought of becoming an ID until my workdays began to feel cumbersome and uninspiring. It was clear to me that I couldn't stay another 20+ years in the classroom. I needed a change.

When a colleague began talking about transitioning into instructional design and the great content Devlin was producing to help her do so, I decided to learn more.  Within months, I joined the ID Bootcamp, and suddenly I was excited again by what the future held for my career.

The bootcamp gave me a roadmap to get me to where I wanted to be, and the support from the bootcamp pros and my bootcamp team helped guide me along the way.

Thanks to the bootcamp, I was able to complete my flagship project and portfolio website in a matter of months, and within days of deciding to launch my career as a freelance instructional designer, I had landed my first client (with prospects of much more work to follow).  I am so grateful for where my bootcamp journey has taken me and the support I’ve received along the way.

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