Sara Greig

Sara is an instructional designer in Canada who transitioned from teaching. When she was completing her learning design certificate, she realized that she needed to create a strong portfolio that would show off her skills.

Soon after, she created a comprehensive flagship project and minimal portfolio site. This helped her land eLearning contracts, and she eventually accepted a full-time role at Best Buy.

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Sara has been consistently adding projects to her portfolio, but the flagship project that she created in the bootcamp remains one of the most impressive. It solves a real-world problem and demonstrates her ability to apply learning science to create an effective solution.

This project is one of the bootcamp favorites, and it is an excellent example of how to combine text and animation to create an engaging final product.

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Explore Sara's site for yourself and try making it through the flagship project successfully by selecting the button below.

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Sara Greig Headshot
Sara Greig
Learning and Development Specialist at Best Buy

Prior to starting the bootcamp, I was transitioning from teaching to instructional design. I was completing a learning design certificate at the time, but I wanted a more hands-on approach to creating a project from start to finish. I also wanted support with developing a portfolio that would showcase my skills to potential employers. 

Once I joined the bootcamp to help with this, I started putting a lot of the theory I was learning into practice. I felt well supported throughout the process, and the personalized feedback I received from both Devlin and the bootcamp community really helped me improve the quality of my work. I also built strong connections with other aspiring and experienced instructional designers. 

Working on my flagship project and portfolio website not only helped me develop my skills, but it also increased my confidence when applying for jobs. I have since transitioned into this new career, landing contracts with universities for instructional design and eLearning development work, as well as a full-time learning and development role. 

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