Honseng Tu

With nearly a decade of high-impact teaching experience and multiple awards to prove it, Honseng decided that he wanted something different for his life and turned towards instructional design.

He applied his creativity and deep passion for helping people learn to build a comprehensive flagship project and well-branded portfolio website.

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Hon's first section on the site highlights his mission and his logo: he bridges knowledge and skill gaps, and his bridge-inspired logo reinforces that message (as well as his visual design skills).

You can see this trend of intentional design choices throughout Hon's work.

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As Hon moves you into his flagship project, you can see what he's truly capable of as an instructional designer and eLearning developer.

His engaging story, interactive simulations, and immersive cutscenes let us practice navigating a tough situation at a vet's office. There's a dash of humor mixed in, too!

Honseng Tu Flagship Project

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Honseng Tu Headshot
Honseng Tu
Instructional Designer

Like many educators, I made the decision to transition out of the field because my values and priorities had changed. I loved working with students, but I knew it was time for a change.

After listing my skills and identifying possible career paths that would allow me to utilize and hone them, I realized that instructional design was the perfect career for me. Soon after that, I found Devlin’s bootcamp.

Before joining the bootcamp, I felt skeptical. It feels like many of the different types of career camps on the market specifically target educators who feel almost desperate to leave the field. Devlin’s bootcamp is not one of these.

My feelings of skepticism were washed away within the first week of the bootcamp in January. The scaffolding helped me build the skills necessary to thrive as an instructional designer, and the bootcamp pros and overall community were incredibly supportive in helping me succeed. By around March, I felt empowered and confident that this transition was going to be a success.

With the bootcamp’s help, I created a flagship project that allowed me to demonstrate my skills and creativity as a designer. By May, I had a portfolio website ready for potential clients and organizations to view my abilities.

Now, in the beginning of June, I have received job offers and opportunities for freelance work. I am still navigating my way through the process with an average of three interviews per week. Although my time as an educator is coming to a close, I am excited to see what’s just around the corner.

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