Frederic Brewer

As he was finishing up his master's program and working as a project manager, Frederic knew that he wanted to land a top instructional design job. To help with this, he set out to design a portfolio.

His site is simple but striking, and his iconic profile photo establishes an instant connection. The portfolio is currently helping him secure instructional design interviews.

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Frederic's design approach brings him and his projects to the forefront of the viewer's experience. After viewing his personality-filled photo upon landing on the site, we're immediately led into the projects.

His flagship project lets us try our hand at political canvassing in a neighborhood where people may not be super interested in what we have to say. It's engaging and story-driven, and we are sure it will help Frederic land an excellent role.

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Frederic Brewer Headshot
Frederic Brewer
Aspiring Instructional Designer

Before the bootcamp, I was studying for my MSc and finishing up an internship as a digital learning project manager. This involved a lot of work with Storyline, so it was in looking up tutorials that I discovered Devlin’s YouTube channel, website, and the ID Portfolio Bootcamp.

I felt very grateful for the clarity of the bootcamp content, but the experience went much deeper than that. The examples from previous students, feedback from my team, and helpful discussions in the Slack community helped me bring my work to a new level. Devlin’s guidance and 1-on-1 support also helped me stay confident throughout the process.

Thanks to the bootcamp, I was able to build my expertise with eLearning tools and deepen my instructional design skills. I created an engaging scenario-based flagship project, built a compelling portfolio website, and learned how to present myself professionally on LinkedIn. 

In the three weeks since I published my website, I've interviewed for several positions and added many eLearning professionals to my network.

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My bootcamp is designed to help you create a stand-out portfolio and land high-paying instructional design opportunities. If you're ready to take the next step and work with me directly, then you can explore the bootcamp with the button below.

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