Alex Hoffman

Alex was on a mission to elevate his work and establish a solid portfolio. He was already a skilled designer, but he wanted to hone his process and develop a high-end portfolio.

With his sharp visual design skills, human-centered approach, and multimedia expertise, Alex built a portfolio that delights and inspires. He also continues giving back to the community with his insightful feedback.

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Alex's attention to detail is striking as soon as you land on his site. He chose everything from the font to the spacing with care, and he immediately leads us into his projects.

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His flagship project incorporates microinteractions, narration, custom animation, and storytelling. It embodies modern, human-centered design, and it continues to inspire instructional designers who view it.

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To experience Alex's design and multimedia skills for yourself, visit his portfolio by selecting the button below.

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Alex Hoffman
Senior eLearning Designer at Strata Decision Technology

Before the bootcamp, I was pretty siloed from others doing similar work. Sure, I was part of a few training teams, but I was the sole person working on eLearning content. I needed to strengthen some core instructional design skills and connect with others doing similar work.

I took the next step by joining Devlin’s free Slack community. Unlike a few other communities I’d looked at, there was consistent activity and people were eager to help and converse. This, along with speaking to Devlin, made me confident in my decision to engage more deeply and join the bootcamp. 

Fortunately, the bootcamp is exactly what I needed. It gave me a framework and timeline to build a flagship project and (finally!) a website. The weekly feedback sessions kept me accountable and on track. As someone who’s unable to show most of their work due to NDAs, this was a great way to develop work that I’m able to display publicly.

While I haven’t made any big moves (I’m happy with my current working situation), I’ve gotten a good deal more traffic to my LinkedIn profile and have been recruited and invited to interview.

Overall, I feel even more confident in my skillset, my place in the broader ID/LXD community, and in my ability to solve problems through learning experiences. And, to top it off, I’ve made new friends and connections. Joining this bootcamp was the best professional move I made this year.

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