This page explores the pricing options for my services. Read on to learn more.

Value-based Pricing

When possible, I price my services based on the value that I can help produce. This ensures that the level of effort is appropriate for the level of return that we would expect to see.

This approach works well when the need is heavily metrics-based, especially when the metrics have a clear impact on the bottom line.

By tying my consulting efforts to metrics like this, we are able to extrapolate the potential value. I then price my services as a small fraction of the potential value.

We can determine if value-based pricing works for your need via a free discovery call.

Retainer Pricing

For projects where the scope and potential value are unclear, I offer up to a set number of hours per week for a pre-defined hourly rate. My base hourly rates (USD) for retainer pricing are as follows (subject to availability):

  • 4 hours per week: $175
  • 10 hours per week: $150
  • 20 hours per week: $125
  • 30 hours per week: $100

Again, we would determine if this option works for your need via a discovery call.

Project Pricing

When the first two options do not work for you or your business, I am able to quote flat prices based on the project and your needs. This pricing option only works when the scope is clearly defined, and we can work together to define the scope if needed.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions about my pricing options.

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