Black Friday Deals for Instructional Designers

Published on 
November 25, 2020
Updated on 
November 28, 2020
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Black Friday, or the Friday after Thanksgiving, is a big day of sales from retailers around the world. In more recent times, these sales have extended to last for an entire week (and beyond).

As instructional designers, we have a specific set of desires around technology, software, and assets for our projects.

So, in this article, I’ve included all of the best Black Friday deals for instructional designers that I could find.

If you’ve come across any other deals, feel free to let us know in my eLearning and instructional design Slack community.

This article also includes affiliate links. Using them will help support me and the content on this site.

Deals on Software and Tools 

Naturally, instructional designers need a strong suite of software to do their jobs well and see their projects through. This section includes some of the best deals on software and online tools.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Suite is popular among instructional designers and eLearning developers. I use many of these tools on a weekly basis, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign, and Acrobat Pro.

For Black Friday, Adobe is offering 25% off on the entire suite. Better yet, students and teachers get 70% off!

You can find the plans directly on their website.

This offer ends on Friday, November 27th.

TechSmith Snag-It

Snag-it makes screen captures a breeze. I've used this tool on a daily basis for years, and I hear that the 2021 update is one of their best updates yet.

They're offering a generous 50% Black Friday discount with discount code BPS5995.

You can purchase Snag-it directly from TechSmith's website.

Affinity Apps

Affinity offers competitor apps to the Adobe Suite, including Affinity Photo (Photoshop), Affinity Designer (Illustrator), and Affinity Publisher (InDesign). 

You can purchase these apps with a one-time payment (which is very appealing when compared to Adobe’s monthly subscription), and all of the apps are 30% off for Black Friday.

View the sales on Affinity’s website.


Parallels is a must-have for most instructional designers who opt for Mac laptops or desktops.

It lets you easily run Windows apps directly from your Mac homescreen, such as popular eLearning authoring tool Articulate Storyline.

This saves previous time compared to booting up your machine with bootcamp every time you want to launch a Windows app.

Parallels is offering a 20% off Black Friday sale, and you can check out the discount on their site.

Website hosting

If you’re designing your portfolio site with Wordpress (or coding it yourself), then you need a server to host your work.

Some of the biggest hosting providers in the game, Bluehost and Hostgator, are both offering big Black Friday discounts.

Bluehost is offering up to 60% off, and Hostgator is offering up to 70% off.


Since we’re often on the web, it never hurts to anonymize your IP address with a VPN. 

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are both big names in the VPN space, and they’re both offering big Black Friday deals.

NordVPN is offering up to 68% off and 3 months free, and ExpressVPN is also offering 3 months free.

Landbot, a no-code tool to create chatbots, is offering a big 50% off discount for Black Friday.

This tool has a ton of potential for eLearning applications, and it seems like there has never been a better time to check it out.

You can use code BF50 to get 50% off any of their annual plans. Check it out on their website.


Generating leads is a great way to build your audience and drive traffic to your new content or portfolio projects.

OptInMonster is a popular lead generation tool, and their plans are up to 60% for Black Friday.

Check out their plans on their website.


Teachable is one of the most popular sites for online creators to host and sell their online courses. 

For instructional designers and eLearning teams, this can make for a great LMS alternative.

Teachable is offering their biggest discounts ever, and you can check them out on this Teachable Black Friday sales page.

Deals on Technology and Hardware

If anyone loves to play with new tech and gadgets, it’s an instructional designer. This section lists some of the best Black Friday deals for items that you can actually touch.

Noise Canceling Headphones

The Sony WH1000XM4/B noise-canceling headphones are over $70 off for Black Friday. 

These are the headphones that I use on a daily basis, and they’re great for when I need to go heads-down and focus on my work.

The Bose 700 noise-canceling headphones also look great, and they are on sale for $40 off.

Samsung T7 SSD

When working with big files, it’s easy to quickly fill up your computer storage.

This is where external drives come in. With the Samsung T7, you can quickly read and write files that you don’t want stored on your computer.

You can also use SSDs like this to back up your work and ensure that you don’t lose anything important.

The 1TB Samsung T7 SSD is on sale for $50 off. 


Instructional designers love their coffee! There is a great Black Friday deal on a compact Nespresso machine.

Quick, convenient espresso. Seems like there’s a lot to love with this one.

Check out the deal on Amazon.


Rocketbooks are reusable notebooks that allow you to easily save your notes to the cloud. 

I use my Rocketbook on a daily basis for taking notes, planning my days and weeks, and more. 

While I don’t use the cloud features very often, it is nice (and sustainable) being able to wash away my monthly scribbles and start anew.

The Rocketbook Fusion, which is the same notebook that I have, has a nice Black Friday sale on Amazon.

Echo Dot

You’re probably familiar with Amazon Alexa by now, but if not, she can do some serious home automation.

I use Alexa to control everything from my lights to my thermostat, and this is accomplished with a few well-placed Echo Dots.

The 3rd-generation devices are on sale for only $18.99, so you may want to pick up at least one. 

The newer version of the Dot is also on sale for only $10 more. 

Deals on Imagery, Illustrations, and Fonts

As designers and developers of eLearning and other online learning experiences, it’s always great to have more visual assets at our disposal.

Check out these deals on artwork, fonts, and other digital assets. has dozens of beautiful, hand-drawn illustration packs. These look great for eLearning projects, and for only $195, you get ALL of the packs.

I am tempted to pick up this deal, and I recommend that you do the same.


FlatIcon, a site with thousands of modern icons, is offering a yearly subscription for $45 (on sale from $99).

These icons could be great for your website or eLearning projects. Check out the deal on their website.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements / Envato Market is holding a massive Black Friday sale. Envato is home to countless templates, assets, and other forms of media that you can use in your eLearning projects.

Explore the assets and check out the deals on their website.

Creative Market

Creative Market is another site that has many graphics and templates that you can purchase for use in your projects.

They’re offering big Black Friday sales, so check them out.


MyFonts is a library of thousands of web fonts that you can use for your projects.

Careful typography and font selection can bring your project from good to great.

Check out their Black Friday deals here.


As you can see, there are plenty of Black Friday deals for instructional designers. 

These are some of the biggest discounts of the year, so if you’ve thought about buying any of these items or subscriptions, then now is probably the time to do so.

I’m keeping an eye on a few of these deals myself. Do you have your eye on anything?

Let us know in the eLearning and instructional design Slack community.

There are hundreds of IDs and eLearning devs who hang out there, and we’d love to see you there as well.

Happy holidays!

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